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Unfettered - Shawn Speakman,  Terry Brooks,  Patrick Rothfuss,  Robert Jordan,  Brandon Sanderson,  Tad Williams,  Jacqueline Carey,  Daniel Abraham,  Peter V. Brett,  Robert V.S. Redick,  Peter Orullian,  R.A. Salvatore,  Todd Lockwood,  Carrie Vaughn,  Blake Charlton,  Eldon Thomp rating for Jacqueline Carey's story: Martyr of the Roses: 3.5 stars

It is a nice little story if your interested, and if you can stand a L'Envers on the throne. The country we visit here has not been eplored in the Kushiel series, which is a pity, I think. Vralia seems to be a harsh, very religious country and I would gladly go back there. This short story is hardly enough, but well - it did wet my appetite.