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Der Junge aus dem Meer - Aimee Friedman, Andreas Brunstermann (This book gets no rating from me, not zero stars! I didn't finish it, so those are only the impressions of the parts I actually read.)

There were some things I expected from this book: a love story and, well, a boy out of the ocean, just as the (German) title promises.
Unfortunately, those things were there, but in a way I can't really enjoy.
Almost instantly (as soon as Miranda has the chance to get to know boys) Aimee Friedman introduces a love triangle that obviously has no future. It's just there to add some teenage drama and in its basics it might not be unlikely. Still, it's rather unnecessary and I was quickly bored by certain scenes.

The fantasy part of the story wasn't really elaborated in the first half of the book, which I read, and when I skimmed through the rest of the text, it only got part of the story around 40 pages before the end. Until then, it's just something Miranda has to wonder about: is it true? Is she getting nuts?
From what I gathered from the rest of the text, the fantasy is spread lightly, something to cause interest but not for those who like it concrete. Too bad I belong to the last group.

It might be that the astmosphere of the book is getting better in the end, and if you like your fantasy in hints, then you might like this book to some extent as well.
But with all its lightness I was missing some story, something more than wandering around the island, kissing boys and being insecure. That's why I got so bored and decided to quit this book after approximately 44%. I didn't care much about the outcome, so why continue reading?
I leafed through the rest of the book, got the information I wanted and realized that everything turned out to be as I expected it.

So, to summarize the first smaller half of the book: no fantasy at all, barely a story and a love triangle I wasn't the least bit interested in. Those are exactly the reasons why I stopped reading "Sea Change" and from what I read of the rest of the book, this was the right decision for me.