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Song (Der mysteriöse Mr. Spines, #3) - Jason Lethcoe Just a short review because there really isn’t much to say about this book. After the previous books ended rather abruptly, this one more or less races to the end. The story simply starts where it had ended and then we’re off to fight the bad guys.
There are a lot of lucky coincidences, Edward somehow knows exactly what he has to do (even though he’s not always aware of that) and there are generally not many surprises. It’s an okay ending but not a good or even thrilling one.
I’d really have preferred it if the books of the trilogy would have been published as one. Then, at least, it would have seemed “whole” as opposed to snippets of one story. Then again, there might have been even more space for all those things that aren’t dealt with in the actual story but are mentioned in the end and made me curious again. You think the story is more or less closed just to realize that this is simply not true.

All in all, it was nice but could have been much better, "whole", even as a children's book.