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Bittersüßer Verrat (Broschiert) - Rachel Caine, Sonja Häußler Die deutsche Rezension findet ihr hier.

Actually, there was hope: things have been bad for Morganville, but the danger was averted and it might even be that things will look much better for the human population. So everything is all right? Hardly. Some people want to use the chance to get back at the vampires and most problems are far from solved. How can you expect everything to go well when vampires, humans and sort-of-ghosts meet each other? Furthermore, Claire gets into some private trouble as Eve meets the charismatic Kim, who seems to take over Claire’s place as the best friend.

After six books you should know what to expect and “Fade Out” meets those expectations. That already starts with Rachel Caine’s laid back style.
It is as always a quickly finished book, but it is also less thrilling than its predecessors. The war is over, after all, so it is just the usual madness. But do not worry; it will not get boring at all: next to the best-friend-problem there are unruly vampires, vindictive computer ghosts and something else I did not expect – how could that not be entertaining? It all comes to Claire and her friends again; that is what you get from being able to defend yourself against a bunch of vampires. In the end, enough problems are left to promise some serious fun in the next book, especially since Morganville is forced to change again. We already learned that then everything can happen.

There are no real surprises when it comes to the characters. Shane and Claire are “stable” as always. There might be some doubt every now and then, but both are usually sure about themselves and each other. They are not perfect, but everything else would be unsatisfying.
There is a little bit more trouble with Michael and Eve whose relationship already had a difficult start; though I think she is sometimes a little bit unfair to her vampiric boyfriend. He tries, but in the end he will always be a vampire. They should know by now that not all vampires are (that) bad; instead they ask of Michael to be something he is not – really not fair if you ask me. Eve is still the most annoying, though. She can be pretty tough, but most of the time she gets a little bit too hysterical. As a result, she offends her friends. Seeing that this is happening over and over again, I will abandon any hope that the two of us might become friends at some point; it does not really matter, though, as long as there are the others and characters like Myrnin. (Besides, she is not actually the biggest pain in the neck; that is Kim.)

Is there anything else to be said? No. It is solid Rachel Caine entertainment and if you could enjoy that so far, you will do it again. There really is not much more you need to know.

“Fade Out” is a “Morganville Vampires” book just like the others – that means good entertainment with many laughs and an interesting, though not too thrilling story, solid characters and loads of problems. If you had fun with that before, well – enjoy the book!