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The Rising  - Kelley Armstrong Die deutsche Rezension findet ihr hier.

Part of the group was able to flee – but for how long? Many eyes are looking for Maya and her friends and they have no idea how to get out of the mess they’re in. They got a tip as to who might be able to help, but there is no guarantee for that. Constantly on their guard, they travel through Vancouver looking for help and any information they can get – they will make some surprising acquaintances on the way, but there won’t be much time to get to know each other. Somebody wants their research projects back, at any price.

I admit I never like Maya & Co. as much as Chloe and the others. Not that I would not like them, too, but I kept thinking about my favourite necromancer and her grumpy werewolf of a boyfriend a lot - I didn’t forget the “Darkness Rising” kids after finishing the books but I didn’t think much about them either. That’s why I was looking forward to “The Rising” all the more: the old group was supposed to appear as well. They did so rather late and besides Chloe and Derek, we didn’t see much of any of the others, but the book was still worth reading for that alone.

Otherwise, the book isn’t bad either. While nearly nothing really happened in the second book, the protagonists are barely able to catch their breath in this one. They’re always on the run, need to split up and find each other again, only to run further. There isn’t much time for anything else, which is a good thing as it creates suspense after all; and that’s something I appreciate much.
The best scenes belong to the characters, though. Even though I like the other group better, this one has, as before, a variety of characters that varies and grows. It was fun to watch them being together, especially when they did find time for some banter. Some characters will even surprise you – turns out not everybody who is with the bad guys is actually a bad guy themselves. I’d advice to not read this book in the middle of the night, though. If you start howling with laughter at 4 a.m. this might wake someone up and that’s that with your fun.

However, something happened I was afraid would happen since the second book. Even there some sort of love triangle seemed to be on its way; even though I hoped it wouldn’t come to that, it did. It doesn’t get very dominant; it’s Kelley Armstrong we’re talking about after all. But I didn’t buy it, neither from the author nor Maya. Yes, I did think Maya’s and Rafe’s relationship developed a little bit too quickly in the first book. Yes, it was obvious that Daniel liked Maya more than he would admit. But that she was into him, too? I never saw any signs for that, and now she wants us to believe that there were some. I’m not too happy with that development, but it didn’t bother me too much. The characters have a lot to deal with right now, so they push this particular problem back to solve it later without any drama – it didn’t expect any less from the author.

Some criticism concerning the cover is still required, though, even though it’s not part of the rating. This is hardly the author’s fault. Maya’s family is part of the Navajo, a Native American people. The book actually addresses the problems and racism people with that heritage have to face: They’re seen as drunkards and junkies and treated as such. So why did the publisher decide to use a cover model that’s obviously white? Don’t they read their books? Unfortunately, we all know whitewashing is nothing new in the publishing industry.

And now it’s over – for now, anyway. There is still something to tell about the characters, just not now but when they’re older. Who knows, maybe there will follow some stories or even books. In the meantime, all of you who haven’t read the “Women of the Otherworld” series yet can do just that. If I understood that correctly, some of the adult characters in this series appear there as well.

“The Rising” is a worthy conclusion to the “Darkness Rising” trilogy, even though it wasn’t as good as the “Darkest Powers” trilogy. Meeting Chloe and the others again here is most welcome, as is the fact that the third book has a mentionable plot again. I wasn’t happy with every development, but after finishing the book I can say it’s a satisfying one. The hope remains that there will be more books one day – there is left enough to build on.