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Limit 01 - Keiko Suenobu The fist volume is, again, more about bullying than survival - seems like it's the author's favourite topic, but I really don't mind that too much.
The characters are a little bit superficial for now, but that's no surprise considering the few pages this volume has. There are some hints at more depth, but well, we'll see what the author has in mind. (Another review didn't make me too hopeful, though.)
The character development that was shown seemed a little bit radical. I do not doubt that pupils can become the meanest of little shits (sorry) in this world and we know that people already ran amok because they were bullied over years. But especially Morishige's outbursts seemed a little bit ... I don't know. Crazy, probably. On the other hand, now I can say for sure that I'm sane. That's something.
Keiko Suenobu's style is very expressive, as always. In my case, I like that very much. So I guess it's no surprise to anybody that I'm going to continue to read the series. I am interested in whether Morishige will kill them all or whether they will be rescued after all.